So why choose US for your treatment Here are seven great reasons to choose the Collins Street Specialist Centre for your orthodontic treatment

1. Our team

You wouldn’t want Joe Blow correcting your smile! That’s why, at Collins Street Orthodontics, our orthodontists are all registered specialists trained in Invisalign – not merely general dentists trained in Invisalign.

Our practitioners have completed a Bachelor of Dental Science PLUS a post-graduate degree in Orthodontics. With a strong education base and vast experience behind them, our orthodontists can manage the full range of orthodontic cases – from the simple to the most complex.

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2. Our magnificent location

We’re in the awe-inspiring tower of one of Melbourne’s favourite architectural icons: the Manchester Unity Building.Come and enjoy the views while dreaming of your ideal smile!

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3. Our FREE Introductory Package

Everything to get you started on the road to your dream smile – free of charge!

We will throw in:

  • A full orthodontic examination and specialist advice
  • A detailed quote and information for your health insurance fund
  • Bulk-billed X-rays
  • Orthodontic models, if necessary

4. Our iTero Scanner

No more gooey impressions!

We are one of only six practices Victoria-wide to use the iTero scanner. It makes for accuracy and ease of scanning and allows your digital image to reach the Invisalign laboratory instantly, by email. Only five minutes after the scan, we can even show you a 3D simulation of how your teeth could look after your Invisalign treatment.

5. We offer flexible payment options

We understand that not everyone is in the position to pay up front, so we offer a no-deposit payment plan with no nasty hidden interest charges.

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6. We are Australia's only certified Blue Diamond providers of Invisalign

Blue Diamond is the coveted status awarded by the manufacturers of Invisalign to providers with the most experience in Invisalign treatment.

We are the largest and most experienced provider of Invisalign in Melbourne and the only the only certified Blue Diamond Invisalign provider.

7. We schedule appointments to suit you

We help to ensure your Invisalign treatment doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle – whether you’re a teenager, a uni student, a parent or a busy professional. Our friendly staff will always endeavour to book your appointment to suit. We are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, as well as on Saturdays from 8.30am to 1.30pm.